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ITEM-16 is the manufacturer / supplier of special screens as the GlassVu, TransVu, MirrorVu screen.

  • TransVu Screen

    TransVu image TransVu is the transparent screen film for the rear projection system. This enables turn the ordinal glass window or any transparent panels to display surface easily. TransVu allows you to make special display with eye-catching effect at the shop front. Your show-window will attract your potential customers.

  • GlassVu Screen

    GlassVu image GlassVu is the projection screen films offers you high quality image display. There are provided outdoor facing application under the daylight, and also indoor application for wider viewing for more audience. 2 type of GlassVu covers any application of your display demand. GV620 is enables to make projection image under the daylight circumstance. W500 allow you to make real color with reappearance of the"snow-white".

  • MirrorVu Screen

    MirrorVu image MirrorVu is projection screen for both sides' audiences. Newly developed projection film screen enables projection image quality almost same level to both sides of the screen surface. Rear projection side surface is the unique"mirror" like surface with projection image. his special visual effect should open new application for the projection system business.